Katsuhiko Eguchi, executive vice-president of PHP Institute, and founder of Asia 21 and Japan Close-Up Magazines, describes Cathy as someone with an “untrapped mind.” He says, “when we start to do something new, we have to make it more creative – an idea that nobody has ever thought of, or an idea we can improve on. This needs an untrapped mind. My editor-in-chief has it – the ability to visualize and make ideas concrete. Such a person can also perceive the whole picture and tackle many problems that come with putting together the pieces of the picture.”

Asia 21’s Editor-In-Chief. As editor-in-chief, Catherine’s role was to create a magazine that more than appeals to readers in terms of content. To this end, Asia 21 has achieved its vision of more than just reporting the news. Under Catherine, the magazine offered analyses that considered the bigger issues behind the headlines, while cutting across to get a more regional feeling and addressing changing issues in education, development, and roles in the new millennium.

Asia 21 is the only Asian publication that has been selected by the Ministry of Education as essential reading for their Humanities syllabus. Asia 21 also inculcates fundamental values. It has earned recognition as the first magazine to offer the cartoon-styled Every Product Tells A Story, which traces the development of renowned products like the Sony Walkman, Yomeishu, Mikimoto Pearls and Yakult.

International Savvy Series. Catherine is also the brainchild behind the Savvy series, having published two bestselling books. Singapore Savvy: 50 Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow was on the bestseller list for business books in Singapore for four weeks in June 2000. Malaysia Savvy: Top Profiles in Management highlights management wisdom of Malaysia’s Who’s Who luminaries as The Hong Piow of Public Bank and Lee Kim Yew of Country Heights. The book is being used as reference text in the country’s management institutes.

Bridging education with entertainment, Catherine created Savvy, the only magazine that was endorsed by the Ministry of Education, which aimed to involve students to “think out” what they wanted. Relying on its proactive and intellectually stimulating approach, Savvy’s objective was realising that “education is fun,” as it tackled issues that today’s students grappled with, without the “talk-down” approach.

Experiences and Experiments. As founder of Singapore’s first boutique publisher of imprints for under 18s by under 18s, Catherine believes that life is about experiences that we gain from experimenting with life’s variety of challenges. “We aim to take learning experience one step further,” Catherine notes, “and I have developed programmes that allow students the flexibility to think beyond traditional boundaries.”

Having written and published many books since 1988, Catherine understands the process authors go through.