Ages 7 – 12 years

Confidence Booster

Sensational Stories

Right from an early age, students can be taught to develop a train of thought logically. This course supplies a simple structure to get them started on writing. Seven-to-nine-year-olds learn to plan, describe and structure more successfully in this hands-on course that focuses on expressions of student creativity.

Poetry at Play

A fun-based, hands-on course, this programme breaks down the myths surrounding literature’s inaccessibility for students. Uses a mix of contemporary song lyrics and classic poetry to hook students’ interest. It teaches and applies the key devices used for literature analysis.

English Rules!

This is a highly-intensive programme which helps students overcome common difficulties with English grammar. Fills gaps in grammar foundation and moves to applications in a wide range of exam-oriented contexts.

Reading Is Right

This programme was developed to improve reading habits among young people. It consists of an interactive play and two workshops. The interactive play creates awareness of the importance of reading in a fun way while the workshops introduce students to important authors and their works, and to useful concepts in literature and performance.

Reading into Writing

The programme demonstrates the way in which good reading leads to good writing. It is an intensive introduction to composition writing skills, drawing from personal experience. The programme uses models and practise activities to teach story structure enjoyably, while building the student’s vocabulary along the way.

Reading Detective

Analyses and addresses the problems students have with context clues, tone, nuances of language and the thrust of exam questions.

The Creative Composition Course

The course teaches students tools from the writer’s trade to effectively write with skill.

Wicked Writers, Terrible Tales (Pri 4)

Children’s stories come alive as they immerse into a writing programme that mentors them through genre-specific storywriting.

Storywriter’s Magic (Pri 5)

Let your students’ wildest come alive in this interactive 10-session programme which aims to develop strong writing prowess, vocabulary enhancement and narrative-character development.
The Craft of Writing (Pri 6)

Take students through the compelling and magical world of creating one’s own world through words

STAND & DELIVER: Confidence in Public Speaking | The Storyteller’s Craft | Stand & Deliver a Project:

Send your students to this best-selling series of confidence boosters that enable them to present themselves better in front of an audience. Enormously popular, this set of programmes brings out the showman in even the shyest of students. Students learn tricks to overcome nervousness, correct speech structure, voice projection, body language, etiquette and proper register. Includes assessment component. Can be customised for storytelling.

Course Schedules

Age Groups
1st Schedule
2nd Schedule
Reading into Writing (Confidence Boosters)
Pri 3 to Pri 6
$680 for 2 hrs. x 8 sessions
30, 31 May 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 & 10 June
11am to 1pm
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 22 & 24 June
11am to 1pm

*Fee cost includes $80 registration fee and textbook

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All workshops will be conducted at: SCWO Training Rooms
96 Waterloo Street, SCWO Centre Singapore, 187967
(Parking at basement HDB carpark @ Waterloo Centre) Nearest MRT : Bugis


Stand & Deliver: The Storyteller’s Craft (N6 Cluster)

Sang Nila Utama

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