Ages 13 – 16 years

Confidence Booster

Grammar Without Tears

This is a highly-intensive programme which helps students overcome common difficulties with English grammar. Fills gaps in grammar foundation and moves to applications in a wide range of exam-oriented contexts.
Effective Reading & Comprehension

This programme analyses and addresses the problems students have with context clues, tone, nuances of language and the thrust of exam questions.
STAND & DELIVER: Confidence in Public Speaking | The Storyteller’s Craft | Stand & Deliver a Project | Speak, Write & Understand

This challenging course focuses on analysis, preparation and delivery across a range of occasions using inspirational models from history. Students will improve 3 important skills – understanding: how critical thinking skills can improve analysis of the spoken word; writing: how to use logical speech structure to aid audience understanding; and speaking: using proper diction, rhythm and pronunciation.

LITERARY COURSES: The Great Leap Forward | The Lord of the Flies | Romeo & Juliet | Rice Without Tears | Understanding Prose & Poetry | All the World’s a Stage

Essential introduction for secondary school English skills. Helps builds your child’s confidence as he tackles literal and inferential comprehension, vocabulary, how to plan a composition, identification of key points and linking in a summary passage.
These courses are also designed as an introduction to Shakespearean drama and literature, this course uses vibrant video clips from famous movies to set the stage for fun and learning with drama. Students learn key literature terms for analysis, discover Shakespeare’s world and rehearse and deliver an adapted scene from one of his famous plays.

CRITICAL THINKING COURSES: Project Work Made Easy | Critical Thinking & Creative Responses

These courses offer a carefully structured approach to help students achieve results in the upper band of the application task assessment criteria. Beginning with a grounding in the essentials of critical thinking and analysis, it takes students step by step through to a thoughtful and well-reasoned personal response.