Education is a journey that should be enjoyed with wonder. To help us on this journey, we work closely with our partners.

National Library Board (NLB)

Since 2007, we have collaborated with the NLB on the “Kids Can Write!” roving exhibition which showcases storybooks from the N6 cluster”s burgeoning young authors. Additionally, the exhibition also features workshops on writing or English taught by Ms Catherine Khoo and a segment called “Author Talks” where children candidly about writing. The “Kids Can Write!” exhibition has also witnessed the birth of The Audio Book Presenters’ Scheme, where the finest storybooks from our young authors are converted to an oral format.

N6 Cluster, Ministry of Education

The N6 cluster has been working very closely with Janus Education since the inception of the Young Author Scheme in 2003. It has recently received a special recognition award at the shortlist ceremony of the Young Author Award 2009 for its dedication in nurturing young writing talent. Aside from writing, it has also piloted The Audio Book Presenters’ Scheme, a programme where budding voice talents narrate the best stories from the Young Author Scheme. Never afraid to be the first to try new things, the Young Comic Artist Scheme also made its debut with the N6 cluster; drawing out the potential of the doodler, the dreamer and most importantly, the visual thinker!


Storytelling takes on a whole new dimension with our technology partner Newsmaker. This user-friendly and fun software brings the world of broadcast to curious young minds as infinite possibilities are explored and digital storytelling is nurtured! Borne from this collaboration is the 2009 DigiTales Awards, where the finest young digital storytellers in Singapore will be recognised.

Han iP Education Centre

One of our more recent partners, we have built a close relationship with Han Language Centre. A home for our holiday programmes such as the Young Author Scheme, Aspiring Writers and Illustrators Scheme, Alphabet Expressions and the Young Comic Artist Scheme. Han iP offers a wide range of language programmes tailored to every child’s needs.

iLeap Learning Centre

Nestled in the central location in Cheng San Community Club, iLeap is a new Learning Centre partnering with Janus Education, which specialises in providing education services for Preschool and Primary School children. Registered with the Ministry of Education, it shall conduct holiday and regular programmes like the Young Author Scheme and Aspiring Writers & Illustrators Scheme, using a personalised method of mentoring, since class sizes are small, following the Janus pedagogy under the Unique Classroom™.

An interview by The Edge Singapore

A fine example of “entrepreneurship in the creative industries,” Catherine Khoo has pioneered a process of grooming and cultivating the talent of tomorrow.
What stands out most about her is her belief in self-expression, her desire for perfection, her love for children and her passion for mentoring.