Dylan Gan Shi Han

Dylan Gan Shi Han


The Young Author Scheme is brilliant!!! Through this program, my imagination can go WILD, unlike writing structured compositions in class. We also learned how to write a storybook. During the last few lessons, we drew pictures for our stories with a professional artist. I think I will rate this epic programme excellent.
What are my thoughts about writing? I think it’s like penning our ideas onto paper. Writing is just like building with Lego. We have to do it step by step or else it will just crumble down. At the same time, writing is also a great hobby to have and it cheers you up when you feeling down.

Books by Dylan Gan Shi Han

Back In TimeMy story is about a boy, Cole Tan, who goes on a tour in England. When he visits the Winsdor Castle, he finds a secret chamber. In the chamber, he touches a magical golden goblet and gets plunged back in time by a few centuries. He befriends a local girl but there is going be a war. Before Cole could die in the past and thus never get back to the future, he manages to escape. I think people will read my story because it’s different. The main character is Cole. The conflict is when William the Norman Conqueror attacks the country.


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