Tan Ren Ying

Tan Ren Ying


Hi! I am Ren Ying, the author of the book “The Right Thing”. I wrote this book when I was in Primary 4 in Henry Park Primary School.
I believe that writing is a way we can share our thoughts, spread positivity and inspire others. A piece of literary composition should be written with the intention of benefitting society and never be used to hurt others. Thus, I wrote “The Right Thing” to remind us to not judge others based on pre conceived assumptions. Instead, we should appreciate people based on their character.
For me, writing has always been an avenue to express myself – my ideas, thoughts and opinions. While narrative essays provide a channel for me to unleash my creativity, persuasive and argumentative essays allow me to express my opinions on issues we face today.
I hope you enjoy my book!

Books by Tan Ren Ying

The Right ThingWhen Pearlyn’s father was convicted of daylight robbery, her world fell apart. Her father was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Pearlyn won the RHB scholarship and got a place to study in Red Bridge Primary School. Her mother decided that it would be a chance for them to migrate, so that Pearlyn could grow up without the burden of a criminal father weighing on her back. Thus, they left Pearlyn’s father and grandparents, and their life in Malaysia, for Singapore. However, words got around and their neighbours avoided them due to their past. Pearlyn had to struggle with the stares, glances and snide remarks made by the other pupils. Would she be able to gain her classmates’ acceptance?


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