Tristan Lee

Tristan Lee


Hi, I am Tristan from Henry Park Primary School. I am currently eleven years old. When I was ten years old, I wrote my story, “Tales From The Land of Fantasia: The Orc King’s Demise”. It took me a few days to come up with the idea for my story and about two weeks to type it out. However, it was worth it because it eventually became my first written book. When I found out of the Young Author Scheme, I wanted to try it out because it sounded like a lot of fun. Now, after the program, I have not regretted my decision. If you had asked me before the program that I would have written a book, I would have said you were joking and walked away laughing. I really enjoyed writing this book, especially when it forced me to think out of the box when I had to make changes. Therefore, I sometimes had to create entire paragraphs, designed to fit the change in the story! Now, I have a profound love for writing and am currently working on my next book!

Books by Tristan Lee

Tales from the Land of Fantasia: The Demise of the Orc King The King’s magic longsword had been stolen during a siege. Henzirl, a searcher, is recruited to retrieve the sword, which is in Orc hands. Will he succeed, or will he die painfully?


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