Ang Zhi Xuan

Ang Zhi Xuan


I am an avid reader and I was inspired to write upon indulging myself in various varieties of books. After reading Warriors, a series of animal tales, written by Erin Hunter, I decided to write Kingdom of the Cats.

When I write, endless possibilities exist before me. I find pleasure in arranging words together and composing stories. Words mean a lot to me, and writing gives me a right to form feelings from them by arranging them in my own way. Most importantly, I can make my dreams and imaginations appear in reality. I can make the storyline appear before my eyes and I get blown away into the world of fantasy. 

My main purpose for writing is to enable my readers to enjoy my story and be taken away into the world I have created. I want them to be psyched up and have adrenaline rushing through them while reading my book, enabling them to escape from the hectic life of this society, even if it means for the tinniest moments. I hope that I can continue to cultivate my passion for writing and bring joy to all my readers. 

Books by Ang Zhi Xuan

Kingdom of the CatsWei, a slave boy, longs for freedom from the cruel Master Ji. An old but wise dragon by the name of Xiong takes Wei away from the evil Ji and brings him to his home high up in the mountain of huashan. Furious, Ji hires the world-famous dragonhunter, Bao, to kill Xiong and bring Wei back to him.


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