Anuzsa Mailvaganam

Anuzsa Mailvaganam


Hi there! I am Anuzsa and I am an unsolvable paradox with a weird sense of humour. I am a clumsy, lanky sixteen-year-old who tends to crash into everything and finds humour in the most serious situations (did I mention that I had a weird sense of humour?). A student in SMK Convent Klang and constantly can be heard laughing out loud in its quiet hallways (it is not a pleasant sound). Well, despite my foghorn laugh and scatterbrain ways, I am still a pretty decent person underneath (I guess?). I am a loyal lover of writing and have been writing since a tender age of eight. I wrote “What Lies Beneath” at the temperamental age of sixteen and comparing it to all the other stories I’ve written before, I would say that this one makes me cringe a little lesser than usual (yay for improvement!). Of course, I definitely hope you wouldn’t cringe AT ALL when reading it but it’s best not to think too much about these things *laughs nervously*. Sigh. Oh well. I guess that’s all you need to know about me because of course, I cannot give too much of myself away (one may get a little frightened if I do). Also, does anyone know a place that fixes things to look as good as new? I seem to have broken a precious family heirloom.

I think I will always be grateful for the day I decided to be a part of the Young Authors’ Scheme for it has definitely taken my writing journey to a better turn. Though I was only able to attend the workshops online, I still had such great fun and received so much insight, guidance and knowledge from Ms. Catherine and now I am excitedly anticipating the next workshop. I didn’t think that I would ever see the day when I would accomplish writing a whole book but thanks to the Young Authors’ Scheme, this unspoken dream was brought to reality. To describe how much writing means to me would be an agonising chore because I truly cannot find the words to express it (so much for being a writer). It is almost as if writing is a part of me, a fraction of my heart and without it, I simply would not be able to function at all. I am utterly grateful to Miss Catherine and everyone in the Young Authors’ team for their exceptional work and effort in guiding aspiring writers to the right path and constantly encouraging us to not just write for fame or credit, but merely for the pleasure and satisfaction of one’s self. Thank you YAS! You have made my 8-year-old self very proud.

Books by Anuzsa Mailvaganam

Trouble at ThamesEach night she wonders why she had to be different than the other kids. Ava Sterling is a sixteen-year-old girl with supernatural powers and the emotional range of an ocean. She feels everything a little bit too deeply and occasionally blasts objects into pieces. Her foster mom, June, was the only person who had been there for her whole life and though she is grateful for her existence, she always wondered about her biological parents. She spends her whole life trying to control her powers, understand herself and most importantly, seek for the truth of her life. But she forgets a crucial fact; sometimes the truth isn’t always a beautiful thing.


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