Louise Chua Yih Ning

Louise Chua Yih Ning


My name is Louise, and I was 10 years old when I wrote ‘Gabby’s Wish’. I enjoy reading, especially books about history. I like reading about the Jewish Holocaust as well as books set in the Tudor period. I also like fictional adaptations of historical events, such as the ‘My Story’ series of books, which are stories of fictional or famous persons written in the first person. I love how reading these books transport me to a different era. I am planning to write a story of a child who lived during the Second World War.
Some of my other hobbies include drawing, playing the piano and listening to music. However, reading tops it all as I am hardly ever seen without a book. Even when I sleep, there often is a book placed by my bed. However, I must say writing a book is much harder than reading one!

I hope to be an author one day. I hope to be able to write books for children that will impart important values to them in a fun way.

Books by Louise Chua Yih Ning

Gabby's WishGabby, a piece of ordinary chewing gum, is not off to a good start, being spat out of someone’s mouth. But Gabby is determined not to be ordinary, and sets out on an adventure, lending a helping hand to people. Kind-hearted and selfless, Gabby is always ready to help others out, not expecting anything in return. But will Gabby have a chance to have her wish fulfilled before it is too late?


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