Shaun Loh

Shaun Loh


Hi friends, my name is Shaun Loh, I am 13 years old and I am from Raffles Institution. I wrote this book when I was in Primary Five. I have a really strong passion for writing and I believe it started from my passion for reading. Since young, my parents exposed me to many books, ranging from different genres. As time passed, I cultivated a love for reading. In my opinion, reading gives inspiration to writing, which thus led me to developing an adoration of writing. I fervently believe that we reap what we sow, therefore good writing comes from extensive reading. If one does not read, one would not be able to be a good writer. Other than reading, I feel that experience also gives one more imagination to write. I wrote this book, Flying High, shortly after I went on a holiday to Shanghai. It was my second trip on a plane after four years, thus I was really fascinated by the flight experience. Hence, after coming back to Singapore, I searched for information about cabin crew and what happens in the life of a cabin crew. If I did not go for that holiday, I would not have taken interest in flight experiences and would not have written this book. Therefore, I like writing because it is not based on pure make-believe. Instead, it is a mix of reality and fiction, which is what makes writing fun.

Books by Shaun Loh

Flying HighA story of love, betrayel and sabotage take place between two air stewardesses of an elite airline.


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