Tasha Nadya Mackenzie

Tasha Nadya Mackenzie


I’m Tasha, and I’ve been doing absolutely wonderful after writing my story, thank you very much. I’ve graduated from secondary school and joined a CCA I’m proud to call my family. I’ve also decided to pick up a few peculiar hobbies. Ever tried zoning out on public transport while going home to see where you end up? It’s a fine adventure every time, try it. Getting really familiar with transportation becomes a plus honestly. I have zero professional training in writing but who needs that when you can write from life? Besides fictional stories like this one, I write meandering persuasive essays and papers on controversial topics. Of course, the topics I write about often get me into trouble, but passion can be intoxicating. I live with my parents and my younger sister; I’m too young and broke to move out. My constant companion weighs in at 1.32kg, Daniel the Macbook Air (I made him speak in a monotone. Can I get applause?) Besides writing, I’m a hardcore musical buff. (Hamilton, Wicked, Les Miserables, you name it) My writing style may have changed dramatically, but I do hope you still enjoy my story. You’d make my tween self very happy.

Books by Tasha Nadya Mackenzie

the-nair-on-the-sepetir-sma 1 orphanage.
2 girls.
3 hard years.
At Baby Joan’s Orphanage, two best friends reside, hoping for granted freedom the next day. It is a dream that stays a dream until Chung Li and Prema are thrown out and must learn to fend for themselves. Desire, pain and unconditional hope wrap themselves around the girls’ lives as they fight against all odds to make it through in the end.


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