An invitation to discover an amazing journey. Publish your very own travelogue. Join Catherine Khoo as she takes you on a journey to discover yourself and life’s simple pleasures.

When I started my journey of mentoring Young Authors to write a book way back in 2003, I wanted to give them more than just a sense of achievement. Yes, writing their very own book is so wonderful, so amazing for my authors, but I had this rooted doubt that writing without compassion or just for the sake of seeing one’s name in print, doesn’t lead to developing the heart to feel. I’m glad to say that the Young Author Scheme has opened up many a young mind and heart …. Writing is so therapeutic and yes, didn’t I read many a young author’s hopes, angst, frustration and dreams in their very own book?

Yes, building bonds between parent and child is so very important, especially in this so modern society where communication lines are so distorted. And what better way for them to realise it than to do community service together where they plan their own projects, execute them together, and learn how to depend on each other together. And I had this crazy notion about doing it out of safe, secure Singapore ….. Why not in a country where they can go back to a simple, rustic living, where there are no modern conveniences, where you just can’t believe a school is a makeshift platform with a few boards hammered together and yes, with more than 100 children jostling to sit on wooden benches. You get the picture? What came out of this crazy notion was Journeys: Cambodia, An Odyssey into the Human Soul

The journey of a thousand miles is a journey I hope to share with everyone and anyone reading this. Every amazing journey ends with your very own travelogue …. But it begins a life-long journey of learning, hope and trust with the people you care for. Shouldn’t it be time for you to write yours?

Take this incredible journey with your children. Contact the Janus Education team to find out how you can begin this amazing journey!

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