Grace Sen

Grace Sen


My name is Grace Sen. I am 11 years old. I wrote this story when I was 10. My school is RGPS and I have a passion for horses. I have also written other books with my friends before this and I think we are up to the 8th one. 🙂 When I entered this programme last year, I was like, “Yeah, I can’t write well enough so just get it over and done with.” I never thought I could come so far. Although I love writing, my style is- let’s just say- weird. The books I and my friends have written are very unstandard. However, once I got into the groove of it, I was writing like crazy. I was even hogging the computer and not letting my sister write! (Note: you didn’t see this, ok?) Anyway, I realised I actually have a talent for writing. My school compositions still need to be worked on, though…

Books by Grace Sen

The Dream-Mares Moonlight and Midnight are best friends. But they are from two different herds in a society where loyalty is valued and fighting between herds is common. Moonlight and Midnight are lead mares. One day, they are forced to lead their respective herds into battle against each other. How can they maintain their friendship?


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