Philippine Young Filmmakers Award

Welcome to the first-ever Philippine Young Filmmaker Awards, a collaboration between The Meridian and Janus Education!

The Philippine Young Filmmaker Awards is open to The Meridian students who will form groups of 2 to 5 members. These groups will then choose stories from the published young authors of the Young Author Awards. Through this collaboration, we aim to promote not only the art of filmmaking but also the craft of storytelling.



We are hyped because of the things we will learn and experience. We are curious about how films are made, especially how the stories evoke emotions and give lessons. We are also excited because of the workshops and training sessions we will have to enhance our skills in the filming process, and, who knows, we might pursue this later in the future.


What excites me most about PYFA is how I can finally have a hand at filmmaking. This will be my first foray into my passion. This unique chance gives me the opportunity to present and improve my skills and expertise. It also allows me to create something bigger than myself with a team of friends full of potential. Not only do I look forward to the process of creating our work, but I also look forward to seeing the pieces of our fellow groups. All of these reasons lead me to look forward to PYFA.

– Lance Ocean, Team Leader


We are excited to create memories, meet challenges, and have fun. We are here to learn and enjoy the moment.

The Cinephiles

I am excited for the chance to showcase my passion for film and cinematography.”

– Zach Bagahansol, Team Leader


We are excited to bring the short stories of the Young Authors Award to life through our enthusiasm for film. Since it is our last year as Aguileons, we aim to maximize the remaining months of our learning experience by doing our best in the competition. We look forward to learning from the people who will help us hone our skills and have fun.


What excites me about PYFA is that we are able to experience working with other grade levels. We are a group of four, a mix of two from Grade 8 and two from Grade 9. We are also excited about the workshops and meeting the author of our chosen story. I also like the opportunity that we could possibly compete in another country.

– Stefano Tan, Team Leader


PYFA Video Invite Final - For The Meridian Only

Meet up with the author, Celine

Meet up with the author, Leong Yuen

Meet up with the author, Kimberly

Meet up with the author, Meagan


To help the participants produce the best short film, a series of workshops will be held. These workshops will cover the different aspects of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, cinematography, editing, and sound design. We want to equip the young filmmakers with the necessary skills and knowledge to create compelling and thought-provoking films.

PYFA Workshop with Catherine on 10th March 2023

PYFA Workshop with Sir Patrick Campos on 24th March 2023

PYFA Workshop with Mr Brugada on 31st March 2023

PYFA Workshop with Martika Escobar on 14th April 2023

At the end of the competition, exciting prizes await the most creative and best film adaptation. The winning team will receive a trophy, cash prize, and a certificate of recognition. Additionally, their film will be screened at The Meridian and showcased on our social media platforms.

⭐ Best Adapted Screenplay

⭐ Best Director

⭐Best Cinematography

⭐ Best Editing

⭐ Best Score