Leong Yuen

Leong Yuen


My name is Leong Yuen. I’m 14 years old and I’m proudly representing Han Chiang High School of Penang, Malaysia in this competition of the best young authors in Asia.

My passion for writing started when I was still in primary school. I enjoyed writing school essays and reading a lot of novels then, and that built my interest in creating something on my own, and here I am, competing against the best of Asia. When my mother first recommended the Malaysian Young Author Award 2022 to me, I knew this was my opportunity to shine. I wasn’t confident of winning anything at first, but I ended up winning first prize! I was so shocked! It took me three hours to process it! This gave me the confidence to compete in the Asia Young Author Award 2022.

My love for writing is undescribable. The feeling of nurturing a fresh idea in my mind while typing excitedly on my laptop makes me feel euphoric. Having something that you believe benefits you and/or for your own pleasure in your mind and turning it to reality is a feeling that a lot of people underestimate, and/or don’t have the chance to experience. I’ll never give up writing till the day I die, whether I successfully become an author or not.

Books by Leong Yuen

Beyond the WorldIn the town of Borgsburg, also known as ‘Graveyards’ Paradise’, 18-year-old Austin Myers is a few days away from graduating high school. Austin has the special ability to see ghosts and souls. He meets Sophia White, a young girl in a white dress roaming around the graveyard nearest to his house. They became good friends and Sophia soon reveals that she is a ghost and leaving this graveyard the night before his graduation. She gives him a choice to follow her into the afterlife or graduate happily and live a normal life. His choice? He didn’t know. Time was running out too. But was he really going to give up his whole life for a soul he had just met?


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