Unique English Classroom Franchise

Since 1996, the Unique English Classroom (UEC) has been one of the highest sought-after English mastery programmes in Singapore

Why Should You Choose UEC

If you are passionate about nurturing young minds through writing and creativity, we welcome you to join us on this journey!


Every child is creative, unique and brimming with potential. From foundation to champion programs that is based on the Ministry of Education (MOE) approved syllabus, we have a curated program for every child.


Set in an interactive class setting, we have our own proprietary curriculum that has since guided more than 28,000 children (and counting!) from Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.


We spark the love for learning in our students! Many of our mentored students have gone on to achieve prestigious awards and success in their lives, including the prestigious Singapore Presidential Scholar Award.

What Can UEC Offer You

Worldclass Programs

Unlike traditional classroom settings, UEC provides an array of interactive lessons that develops the student’s comprehension and confidence in English. We ensure that you have the necessary tools to maximise the learning and growth of students.

Proven Business Model

All aspects of our business are proven and documented, allowing fast ramp-up and scalability of business. We provide a fully comprehensive system complete with operation systems and shared marketing initiatives that will help you run your business efficiently.

Training and Support

Comprehensive pre-opening training programs are provided for all teachers and franchisees, covering all aspects of business to ensure a smooth start-up process. Using the latest technology, we provide you with up-to-date training and support.

Hear From Our Franchisees

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