What should I write about?

What should I write about?

What should I write about? 838 566 Janus Education

Are you a student that just can’t write well, or so your English teacher says? Have you that great idea, but just can’t put it into words? Or worse, you think your life is not interesting enough to write anything about? Don’t fret, writing is just not about having good English (although it helps), it’s about using what you know and learn, and putting it all together.

Author Catherine Khoo shares the secrets of good writing. So sit tight and let the creative sparks fly! Generations of students have asked this question: “What should I write about?”

They think that their lives are boring and that nothing that has happened to them could be interesting to someone else. They are wrong! Your best stories will come from:

*Your memories
*Your imagination
*Or both

Do you believe me? Or you think, sure, don’t all adults say it’s easy to come up with ideas? But, they are adults! I am a mere child! My brain cannot handle all this! Fair! I hear you loud and clear. Now let me give you some examples of story ideas from students like you…

Convinced? If not, visit www.catherinekhoo.sg/estore/ for more examples. Don’t fret if anyone tells you that you can’t write. The first step is… Yes, look around you and jot down whatever ideas that come to you. Remember, no idea is a bad idea. It needs to be developed and nurtured into a great story.