For the Love of : Young Authors from the Philippines talk about their Writing Journey

For the Love of : Young Authors from the Philippines talk about their Writing Journey

For the Love of : Young Authors from the Philippines talk about their Writing Journey 800 165 Janus Education
What is done in love is done well. – Vincent Van Gogh

Love is what fuels the fire of our actions towards our goals. It is the main ingredient for all the things we do which result in ideas that we want to share with the world. It urges us to pour out our hearts out there, as much as authors do by expressing themselves through their writings.

As we had a chat with the three (3) Philippines Young Author Awards 2020 Finalists, namely Destiny Pimentel (who wrote “Animalandia” and won First Place), Shania Matris (who wrote “Ophir: Child of Levant” and won Second Place), and Janel Glori (who wrote “Princess Malaya” and won Third Place), during their book launches, we found out that they have been writing stories since they were young. It may sound like it came naturally, but it is equally difficult.

They describe the writing process as there are good days and bad days. During these bad days, the Young Authors are faced with a lot of revisions and serious cases of writer’s block, and along with it is the deadline for the submission of their stories. It was frustrating and demoralizing for them.

So, what they did was to remind themselves what inspired them to write in the first place, and that is the love to raise awareness of moral issues and modern social issues.

For Destiny it was to fight against animal abuse; for Shania, it was heroism, bravery, and perseverance; for Janel, it was nationalism and women empowerment.

The Young Authors also mentioned that they got their footing back with the help of Ms. Catherine Khoo, who guided them and gave pieces of advice in developing their stories. They marry all these with their inspirations coming from different things, such as anime, comics, movies, history, and storybooks. And now, they had their stories published. It was truly an unreal and ecstatic experience as the three (3) Young Authors described during their book launch.

Towards the end of the individual book launches, the Young Authors were asked for any tips for aspiring Young Authors. These tips range from technical tips to motivating ones.

Shania gave a streamlined list of tips, specifically to always proofread, create an outline, start with a draft, be original, and do not give up;

While Destiny advised to not force oneself in writing stories as ideas will just naturally come, but always keep in mind to spread a good message.

Similarly, the tip that Janel gave is the saying above that concisely puts into words what we need to be reminded of – what is done in love is done well. We do the things we do because we love and enjoy them, and excellence will follow.

The writing journey is not always easy and pretty; there would be drawbacks and sometimes these get overwhelming. When it does, it is totally fine to ask for help to relieve the pressure and to get back on track. We put every ounce of energy into it, no matter how hard or work-intensive it is. Consequently, we strive better and keep on trying to achieve our desired goals. And ultimately, since we love what we are doing and our intention is pure, the journey will be easier and enjoyable

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