Editorial Team

Editorial Team

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Catherine Khoo
The Boss

Author, Editor, Publisher and Educator, Catherine Khoo is an incurable optimist. “I envision a world where there are no boundaries, where the young share their stories, and learn about each other’s cultures through the stories they tell,” she shares. “I want to give every child the right to dream and write.”
Currently studying for a degree in English and Philosophy, Gwendolyn Yap is no stranger to a good tale. If she is not buried in the realm of books, she passes her time through dancing, sewing and learning new languages. But when she is tired of self-improvement, online games and cartoons are her favourite respite!

Gwendolyn Yap

Gan Zhe Jing
Malaysia Correspondent

Zhe Jing has an unhealthy obsession with stories appearing in all forms (books, movies, games etc.), as both an avid consumer and aspiring creator. He believes that story-telling is an art-form that provides a unique form of immersion and experience, being himself a captivated fan of many great works of stories and imaginative universes. Aiming to begin his professional media journey by authoring his very own novel, he is now working on a sci-fi trilogy centered on man’s unquenchable search for the elusive utopia!
Rafi is a Mom Life Hacker – always looking for ways how to make time for writing, reading, cooking, learning & development, and taking care of her husband and her 2 sons. So that she can take a long bath at the end of the day while re-watching disaster movies.

Rafi Victoria Sartin
Philippines Correspondent

Spark Tan
Layout Artist

Spark is a layout artist, comic illustrator, and website developer. His involvement in both creative and web development brings a unique design sense in the website and newsletters. He will spend time catching up on his favourite anime series whenever he is free.

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