UEC Malaysia Crafts Standard Operating Procedure to Ensure Safety of Students

UEC Malaysia Crafts Standard Operating Procedure to Ensure Safety of Students

UEC Malaysia Crafts Standard Operating Procedure to Ensure Safety of Students 1000 750 Janus Education

Our Malaysian correspondent Gan Zhe Jing takes an in-depth look at how UEC Malaysia adapts to the new normal.

What’s up folks! UEC Malaysia here bringing you some of our juiciest and latest updates on how we are currently faring in these troubled times. The dawn of the MCO in Malaysia left businesses, like us humble classroom-based learning centres, in a state of disarray. We simply couldn’t run physical classes anymore. To continue fulfilling our mission, we had to resort to online classes using an up-and-coming online meeting software, known simply as Zoom.

It was a weird transition as our lessons were not suited for online learning, but we tried our very best to bring the familiar classroom experience to our kids. Alas, our ‘Zooming’ knight was not the perfect saviour or the sufficient replacement we had envisioned. Our kids had trouble focusing during the lessons. Online classes, apparently, were not suitable for the fun and engaging lessons we were used to, and the kids could feel that too. The long hours of online learning that schools put our kids through probably did not help in that aspect as well. Even our teachers – dedicated and passionate to a fault – found it daunting to engage and monitor the progress of the kids.

You can imagine our joy when the ban was lifted – we were back in business, the traditional way! We racked our brains to come up with a carefully crafted SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) tailor-made for the layouts of our centres. This SOP would be our main weapon in convincing our parents that it was safe to allow their kids back to our classrooms. We called the kids from our smaller classes first, and as we all got familiarised with what we had to do, we invited kids from our larger classes back as well.

And there you have it, in no time at all we had all of our students back comfortably in our centre! Our kids learnt to record their details in our logbook when entering, wear masks and sanitize their hands. We made sure the temperature of our kids was at an acceptable level, segmented our classrooms to promote social distancing and made it our duty to sanitize every corner of our centre. It was hard work, yes, but it was worth it as our proper implementation of the SOP reassured parents that it was safe to entrust their kids’ education and safety to our sanitized care.

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